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Posted by ruth.bednar on June 1, 2016 at 9:35 AM


After reading Dr. Charles Gardener’s letter in the Gravenhurst Banner May 12th re: “We can all minimize exposure to lead”, he failed to mention studies such as Maas, Patch, Christian and Coplan in the journal Neurotoxicology which shows that children with elevated blood lead is about double that in communities that add fluoridation chemicals to the drinking water.


These studies explain how undissociated silicon fluoride complexes enhance the uptake of the lead ion (from any source) across the gut wall. This new evidence of increased leachability of lead from brass fittings may offer an additional explanation of their findings for this apparent association between the use of the silicon fluorides in fluoridation programs and children’s increased blood lead levels.


Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Muskoka Lakes (Bala, Port Carling), and Georgian Bay Township (McTier), have decided to continue Community Water Fluoridation (CWF) using these silicon fluorides also known as hydrofluorosilicic acid.


Residents should be informed and aware of the fluoridation chemicals added to their drinking water especially since these chemicals have nothing to do with water purity. Don’t we have the right to refuse toxic drugs added to our clean water supply?


There is now far more exposure to fluoride than when CWF was initiated 60 years ago. Fluoride is found in dental care products, pesticides, food fumigants, drugs, processed foods and drinks. This overexposure has resulted in an increase of 40% in dental fluorosis in children, a tooth enamel defect that is not merely ‘‘cosmetic’’ but a ‘‘canary in the mine’’ foretelling other adverse health and behavioral effects.


Fortunately Huntsville and Lake of Bays decided to end CWF. And in Canada less than 30% of the population receive fluoridation chemicals in their community drinking water. Other neighboring towns, Parry Sound, in March 2016, ended CWF, Barrie and Orillia citizens have spoken up and never allowed fluoridation chemicals to be added to their clean water supply.


This should be a lead nail in the fluoridation coffin. And, in a rational world that paid attention to honest science, Community Water Fluoridation, much like leaded gasoline and leaded paints, should have ended.




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