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Posted by ruth.bednar on September 17, 2016 at 4:10 PM

Re: Decision of Councillor Terry Ledger's Proposed Resolution

Dear Dr. Gardner, Medical Officer of Health:

My husband and I, along with many of Muskoka safe drinking water advocates, attended the Muskoka Lakes Council Meeting on Friday, September 16th  2016, in hopes that the Council Members would have done their due diligence regarding the excellent proposed Resolution from Councillor Terry Ledger.

We are not at all surprised by the outcome of this meeting, because the Councill members and the public were not given all the facts on the chemical used to fluoridate the drinking water, therefore, how can Councillors make an informed decision on whether to support or oppose the resolution in question.

The good news is, September 16th 2016, marks the day that Councillor Terry Ledger is on record for having done her due diligence. Also, the Council is on notice for having received the proposed resolution highlighting the seriousness and the legal ramifications for all decision makers who decide to continue the practice of artificial water fluoridation.

On behalf of the concerned citizens, Councillor Ledger is to be highly commended for her efforts.  As well, Councillors Ruth Nishikawa and Donelda Kruckel are to be congratulated for their support of the proposed Resolution.

Dr. Gardner, you and Dr. Luks will also be on record with the information you both provided in light of emerging scientific studies showing harm, as well as the current status regarding many communities who are ending the practice for the very reasons that are highlighted in the proposed Resolution from Councillor Ledger which cannot be ignored.

Following the meeting my husband and I spoke with you briefly and mentioned the pending lawsuit in Peel Region regarding the practice of Artificial Water Fluoridation represented by lawyer, Nader Hasan.

The lawsuit states that the Fluoridation Act violates S.7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom; the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002,S.O.2002,c.32; the Food and Drugs Act, R.S.C., 1985,c.F-27; and a declaration that the Regional Municipality of Peel was negligent in its failure to ensure the safety of municipal drinking water.

Just a reminder, under the new regulation in the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, Section 19, which now includes a broader statutory of care for individuals who have oversight responsibilities for municipal drinking water systems that extend to our municipal Councillors.

Dr. Gardner, during Friday’s Council meeting, the Councillors relied on you as their Medical Officer of Health to provide solid evidence on the safety and efficacy of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid, a known neurotoxin, which is what is used to fluoridate the municipal drinking water systems.

As you know, Councillor Ledger raised many concerns regarding the fluoridation of water in her proposed resolution ending with a clear understanding that ultimately, it will be the decision makers which includes Councillors who will be held liable.  Excerpt from revised Resolution from September 16th Agenda:  (page 11-13) 

AND WHEREAS, elected municipal officials are PERSONALLY liable for the drinking water in their municipalities

I will send you a follow up letter with some key questions that I hope you will be able to answer as we, the concerned residents continue to bring the much needed awareness to the residents of Muskoka District regarding the many adverse health effects caused by the continuation of this unsafe, ineffective and illegal practice.

Dr. Gardner, as the community continues to fluoridate, we the residents, will continue to educate.

Thank you for your time.


Ruth Bednar R.H.N., R.N.C.P., R.O.H.P,

and Richard Bednar



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